About Cheetotaco

Cheetotaco, originally named after a merger of names for one of my cats; I called her Cheeto after the crackers (because she was licking my fingers one day while I was eating some) and my friend DC called her Taco (reason unknown).

One day at my front door I looked down to find a precious kitten hidden in a bush, looking up at me. I kneeled down and extended my hand to offer it some attention. To my surprise it came closer, tail up and purring loudly.  I picked up and brought inside to the guest bathroom and put in the sink.  Soon, the cute tiny thing was curled up in the sink sleeping (when i find the photo, I'll put here).


Entrepreneur, Investor (incl time), Mentor & Gamer (at heart)

Ever since Cheetotaco came in to my life, I have used that name for my "in-game name" (IGN) and other things like email etc. Most people, besides family, know me as Jackson or Jax but the online gaming community and others know me as Chee or Cheetotaco (formerly CrackDragon). For gaming, my usual moto is "Just Kill Stuff".